If you’ve not been introduced to one of my all time favorite people? Here you go: Zig Ziglar was one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time. He helped move people from zero, to hero through his books, talks, and goal oriented resources. 

One of the resources that has altered the way I do, life is, The Zig Ziglar Performance Planner. I just received my 21st performance planner, which outlines my life dreams and yearly goals. The planner challenges me to exceed my wildest expectations. 

Because Zig was never willing to embrace a motionless life, his planner will push the nominal bystander to achieve something in life. 

So….when I accomplish anything worth noting, I call it ziging. I ziged my way to a successful day. I ziged my month over the hump. I ziged my year out of the blur. Those are just a few sayings I’ve used over the years to stamp the things I’ve accomplished. Fun to say the least.

Interested in accomplishing goals, and fulfilling dreams? Get the performance planner here: