Drink machines aren’t going away anytime soon, to which all of us are grateful. Hot days, parched lips, dry mouths, an antsy child, will always make us grateful for these wonderful liquid oasis’s. 

Now imagine with me for a moment, that God is the machine, and we can insert some type of currency in Him, and out comes our relief. Makes sense when you’re talking drink machines, but God isn’t anywhere close to the analogy. So why do so many of us attempt to do good things, only to wait for the great machine to give us the beverage of our choosing? The beverage being, a miracle, an answer to our problems, getting our own way, etc.

God doesn’t work the same way a vending machine does. God never has, and never will be a machine waiting to give us what we want. Why? God has never been about the drinks. Oh, He can produce the drinks for sure, but He’s far more interested in you knowing Him, and obeying Him, than about giving you the beverage of your choice.

So, how do you start the journey of knowing and obeying Him? It all starts with taking a look at the life of Jesus Christ. The more you understand Jesus, the more you’ll grow to understand who God is, and come to realize He’s way more about relationship, and far less about the drinks. Trust me!