If you are constantly engaged in reading, and responding, reading, and responding to social media, it will greatly diminish your ability to create.  A world without creatives would be a world without sunshine. Tragic & devastating! We need creatives. We need inventors. The world needs idea people. But every time you pick up your phone, read a text, respond, etc…., is a moment, a tick, a blip in time that you aren’t creating. In fact you are delaying creation. Stop it! Create something! Stressed about the thought? Probably because original thought (creativity) takes intentional disconnect, and you maybe have not done it……ever!?

I am not anti social media. I am not anti Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. I really like my I-phone. Probably too much. But……if I never learn to turn it off, disengage, be still, be quiet, I would never create either. I choose the latter. I choose to intentionally quit looking down, quit responding, quit typing. 

One goal today……create something new.