I’ve been home, sick this last week, and was able to read a book by one of my favorite pastors Brady Boyd. He wrote the book “Speak Life”, and writes about how powerful our words are and breaks down how we can grow in our ability to speak life to others, and likewise avoid speaking words that will tear people down. This book is really practical, applicable, and I hope you enjoy my synopsis taken right from it. 

INTRODUCTION: The Four Conversations

Whenever Jesus interacted with another person, not once did he speak unwise words. Before he opened his mouth here on this earth, Jesus communed with his Father above. 

PART ONE: The Conversation between You and God

Getting good at communicating well begins with prayer. 

Chapter 1: The Speaking God

The most common question I get asked as a pastor is this: Does God really speak? I always say the same thing: “He will. He does. He has! He is speaking to you today. All you have to do is listen to what he has to say.” 

Chapter 2: Static

When God seems so far away that we’re incapable of hearing his voice, He isn’t the One who moved. We created the distance. Nothing in life works as it should when the lines between God and us have been clipped by the distractions of life, stubborn independence, and outright disobedience. 

Chapter 3: Tuned In

When I work to win intimacy with Jesus more than I work to win an argument with another person, I start looking like a modern-day prophet using His words to strengthen, encourage, and build others up. 

PART TWO: The Conversation between You and Yourself

Is your self-talk helpful or harmful as you approach someone else? 

Chapter 4: Which Voice Wins? 

I envision God watching us as we get reeled in by the lies people and the devil tell us that imply we’re useless or hopeless or stupid or poor. As he watches, he’s thinking, Wait. Do I get a vote here at all? 

Chapter 5: Insidious Insecurity

When we spend our energies nursing our inadequacies, begging for the spotlight, or trying to keep a leg up on the competition, we forfeit every noble opportunity to live life as God meant us to live it. 

Chapter 6: Taking God at His Word

Negative self-talk won’t quiet itself. It simply has to be overcome. The battle strategy I’ve seen work best is to hit it with a few rounds of God’s Word. 

PART THREE: The Conversation between You and the Enemy

It’s absolutely crucial to acknowledge that you have a very real enemy and he is very interested in how you use your words. 

Chapter 7: Division unto Destruction

Whenever Satan sees us inching toward godliness, he takes aim. Whenever he sees us activate our faith by responding to hatred with kindness, he fires. 

Chapter 8: Jumping the Fence

What is stored up in your heart is going to come out, so if what you’ve stored up isn’t positive, wait until you have the chance to swap out anger for grace. For now the pie hole ought to be shut:)

Chapter 9: What Forgiveness Always Achieves

When we walk around eager to extend forgiveness, we become the most loving versions of ourselves we’ve ever been because we’ve released the burden of putting people who hurt us in their places. 

PART FOUR: The Conversation between You and Me

I find it astounding how kind, timely, and wise the words I speak to others can be when I’m faithful to steward the other three conversations well. 

Chapter 10: It Sounds a Lot Like Love

That spirit of forgiveness, compassion, and grace can disappear in a jiffy. This is why you and I must keep coming back to God and spend time in his presence so our hearts will soften toward the people he created. 

Chapter 11: Weird-Free Prophecy

Prophecy is hearing God’s input for another person and then opening your mouth to speak it to him or her. Paul encouraged the believers at Corinth to pursue the gift of prophecy and let the Holy Spirit work through their lives. 

Chapter 12: Being Known for Weighty Words

I want to speak words that breathe life into weary souls, that inspire stagnant hearts, and that bring hope to disheartened souls. To do so, all I have to do is stay close to Jesus, and Jesus’ influence will come out through my words. 

Interested in reading the book in its entirety? You can purchase it here: http://amzn.to/2CSeXkc