I just finished reading “The One-Life Solution” by Dr. Henry Cloud. It's not about leadership, directly, but it's a book every leader should read. Most of Dr. Cloud’s books I would recommend. It has everything to do with our character and how that shapes our life. I found it filled with wisdom and challenging. Here’s a synopsis for you taken right from the book. I highly recommend you getting a copy yourself. It’s a keeper! 

Chapter 1: Identifying the Problem—and the Solution

This is a book about your business, your performance, your career, your passion, and your sense of well-being at work. I hope it will help you to lead better, manage better, and do what you do better—and to help integrate your life and work so you can create the life you were designed to live. 

Chapter 2: Your Vision and Your Boundaries

The irony is that most people are so caught up in trying to control the things they cannot control—other people, circumstance, or outcomes—that in the process they lose control of themselves. It is only when you do take control of yourself that you will begin to have significant influence. 

Chapter 3: Structure and Boundaries

Your boundaries allow you to experience yourself as separate and differentiated, contain harmful patterns, define yourself and know who you are, set limits when needed, possess and live out your values, and have self-control—and thereby be free and autonomous. 

Chapter 4: Reclaiming Your Power

Where, with whom, and under what circumstances do you lose your power? We all have situations and people that get to our underbelly and turn us into less than who we want to be. Knowing when you lose it is a key step in getting better. So identify the holes in your fences and own them. 

Chapter 5: The Audit

Often people feel overworked, stressed out, spread too thin, and also dissatisfied with the results of all their effort. Conducting time audits will make you aware of three important things: where you spend your time, your (dis) connections, and the personal issues that contribute to the problem. 

Chapter 6: The Law of Boundaries

The ten key laws of boundaries describe the ways that life is ordered. When we operate within them, we do well. When we try to break them, we suffer. The result of living these principles will be that your relationships will go better, you will feel better, and you will get better results. 

Chapter 7: You and Your Words

Have you noticed there are people who routinely find themselves in some situation they do not want to be in? They are usually convicted about the word “no” at a very deep level. What is missing in your life that could be present if you could say the things you need to say to bring them about? 

Chapter 8: Make the No-Choice Choices First

In life, there are activities that define the outcomes of your vision, your mission, your values, and your life itself. If you give them the first of your time and energy, you will live well and succeed. If you don’t, you won’t. Decide, proactively, to structure your life to not treat the vital as optional. 

Chapter 9: Follow the Misery and Make a Rule

When you find that something is continually happening in your life that you do not want to happen—and, some sort of misery is the result—I think you have to make rules for yourself. Where self-control is not present, misery will come unless you have some strict rules to protect yourself. 

Chapter 10: Time, Space and E-Mail

The worst part of e-mail is the implied assumption that because someone sent it to you, you should respond immediately. So, by definition, you have lost control of who you need to talk with and when. Protect your important time so that an arriving e-mail cannot get you o track or distracted. 

Chapter 11: Getting Your Balance Sheet in Order

You may be stuck because you have omitted some form of personal, spiritual, financial, relational, emotional, or vocational growth in your life that has kept you in a place where you do not want to be. Admit that you need to get stronger, and focus on enriching that part of your life first. 

Chapter 12: End Some Things Now

It is true in life and work that things end. Relationships end, projects end, careers end, and different seasons of life end. Some are planned, and some of them are forced upon us. If someone cannot end things that need to end, they will never have the one life we are talking about in this book. 

Chapter 13: Communicating Your Boundaries

You will deal with wise people who listen to feedback and respond to it—if you are clear and listen well, you will get great results. Others need consequences. The best leaders and most successful people in fulfilling the call of one life are the ones who can communicate their boundaries well. 

Conclusion: The Path Ahead

Where we end up has a lot to do with who we are. No matter what “potential” someone has, or the talents, brains, or opportunities they possess, if they do not have the personal character to bring it all to fruition, success rarely happens. Who you are really, truly matters. 

If you would like to purchase this book? Here you go: http://amzn.to/2kVlblQ