Yesterday I pulled my car onto the parking lot of the church I pastor ( The only thought in my mind was getting cinder blocks (12 to be exact), onto a 4 wheeled, low level dolly. My pastor friend from Indiana was going to be preaching and he asked for 12 stones for an illustration that he would be giving that morning. I didn’t have 12 stones, but cinder blocks for dedicated projects yet to be completed? Not a problem!

Now mentally picture the church parking lot, sloped similar to that of a Denver mountain pass. You can’t quite fall out of our parking lot, but anything is possible on our highly steep graded property. I pulled up the dolly, started stacking the cinder blocks, began to sweat (duh), and then, and then (for effect), I began to turn the dolly downward towards the street. Yep, I’m a bright one! 700 pounds of moving concrete headed south, and rather rapidly. Words I cannot utter began to emerge into my cerebral cortex.

50 yards later a God blessed curb was the recipient of my brilliance. And not a one of those cinder blocks remained on that dolly. Thanking God that a car hadn’t become the wall of choice for my oops moment, and realizing that no-one had been hurt, I promptly began to laugh, and went and sought help to recover my Copernicus moment . The alternative of laughing was an option, but I’ve learned to not take myself too serious, and have chosen to laugh at myself far more than beat myself up. So…laugh I did, and so should you. Yes, laugh at me, but more importantly, learn to laugh at yourself. The world needs laughers! You in? Give it a try, and watch some of the greatest therapy in the world cost you nothing, other than a good belly roll. Laugh on!