There’s a man that wrote most of the New Testament in the Christian bible. Don’t stop reading just because I said “Christian”, and “bible”. These elements of passion transcend being a Christian, but they’re particularly powerful to those desiring to impact culture for the glory of G_D. 

Here’s how Paul’s passion to share Jesus Christ with everyone moved him to be one of the most influential individuals of the 1st century Church. Yes we live in an ADD culture on info overload, so I won’t expound. Yay, right? 

1. His passion added value to everyone. Does yours? 

2. Included everyone. Does yours? 

3. Established His Identity. How about you? 

4. Challenged Him To Enter Other Peoples Environments. Do you do that? 

5. Helped Him Become Creative. Do you think outside the box? 

6. Allowed Him To Love & Live Out The Message. Do you lead by example?