I just finished reading the book "The Power Of Starting Something Stupid" by Richie Norton. Here's some insight from the book. Enjoy!!

Paradoxically, stupid as the New Smart is the power behind the world’s wave makers and mountain movers. It’s important to note that the New Smart doesn’t mean being flippant and making decisions without forethought or preparation. Those types of behaviors would be classified as unhealthy stupid. The New Smart is having the ability to discern when the label of “stupid” is masking a smart idea. Embracing the New Smart requires you to employ ample forethought and preparation, and then commit to moving forward against the current of the discouraging and even condemning opinions of others.

As you consider your own plans for life, your own stupid ideas, ask yourself if you’ve been waiting your whole life to do what you really want to do. Ask yourself if there’s been an idea percolating in your mind that you feel you need to do something about, and how you might feel if someone else beat you to it. What if someone acted on your idea without you? What if you never got around to it?

Don’t let that person be you. Those ideas that people mistakenly disregard as stupid or bad timing can become life-changing opportunities. Make it your personal responsibility to make ideas happen. When you decide, really decide, to move on ideas that you want to pursue, you’ll no longer be the person that says: “I’ll do it later.” “Maybe someday.” “I wish I could, but I can’t because....”

You can’t let fear and indecision sink your creativity—they do not easily release their hold. Fear and indecision will stop you dead in your tracks every time. They’ll keep you stuck where you already are—and you will begin exactly zero of your beautifully stupid ideas. 

Right now, there is likely a great divide between your inspired idea and your ability to take that first step toward success. In order to get yourself to the starting line, you’ve got to jump across the initial gap between your idea and green-lightgo. I call this divide—this bottomless abyss—the time, education (experience), and money gap (or TEM Gap).

You may tell yourself that in the future you’ll have all the time you need, all the education you need, and all the money you need to finally get your project off the ground. If that’s your mantra, you’re falling right into the TEM Gap.

Every successful person has faced one, two, or all three of these obstacles (lack of time, education, and/or money) at one time or another on their journey toward success. No matter who they are, no matter the simplicity or complexity of their goal, or their level of preparedness for the project as a whole, there is a point along the path when they will realize that the new project or goal is far more time intensive than they originally expected, or that there are aspects of the work they didn’t anticipate and don’t have the expertise to deal with, or that the project will cost more than originally planned. Successful people keep going anyway. Successful people don’t use the obstacles of time, education, and money as excuses, and neither should you.

The overwhelming psychology of stupid is overcome by breaking our big-picture goals into smaller, more manageable projects—projects that have a beginning and an end. Suddenly the very ideas that we didn’t think we could possibly begin don’t seem nearly as daunting. This simple change in identification transforms an abstract thought into an actionable task or assignment.

START is an acronym that stands for Serve, Thank, Ask Receive, and Trust. These principles may seem trite or naïve, but if properly embraced, STARTing changes the game. When you serve, thank, ask, receive, and trust, you position yourself to authentically connect with the people around you. In so doing, you can effectively create a deep, wide, and lasting impact for good and exponentially accelerate your path toward meaningful, purpose-driven success.

As we engage the principles of START and connect authentically with others, we draw closer to our dreams than we ever could on our own. When we overcome fear, pride, and procrastination, when we become authentic and live the principles of service, thanking, asking, receiving, and extending trust, we create an unyielding foundation for future success.

If you assume you can “use” other people to get what you want, you’ve completely misunderstood the principle of leverage. If you abuse the power of leverage, you’ll burn bridges and miss out on creating sustainable success. START embodies abundance thinking. It is founded on the principle that there is enough to go around. Leverage, when employed from the foundation of START, is not only how we reach our own high aspirations. Through START we are also available to be leveraged by others and to help them reach their highest potential for success as well. When our leverage comes from the well of START, everyone wins.

Your life should consist of more than commuting, working, eating, surfing the Internet, sleeping, and watching TV. Your life should be filled with purpose-driven experiences and projects that bring excitement, passion, energy, and authentic meaning and joy into your life. I hope that as you start something stupid, you will find real meaning in your life and that you will learn these three great (albeit simple) truths:

• Your life matters.

• Your life has purpose.

• You are meant to be happy.

May this book be a source of inspiration for some of the most amazing and meaningful projects and experiences of your life! It all starts with a tiny, stupid idea, then one thing leads to another, and suddenly, you find something amazing: yourself