In the wake of recent terrorism events in Paris, the country has closed its borders. The French government is closely monitoring as refugees enter the country, yet there are still millions more Syrians who have had to flee their country and need homes. They need hospitality, compassion and - most importantly - Christ.

Assemblies of God World Missions believes it is as important as ever that Christ followers continue to respond to this group in need. According to Paul Trementozzi, Europe Regional Director of AGWM, "The example of our Lord during His earthly ministry and the Spirit of Christ within us do not allow us to ignore people in desperate need," he says. "The compassion of Christ moves us to action, even in times of fear and uncertainty. We cannot allow the hundreds of thousands of suffering people fleeing violence and potential death in their home countries to suffer even more because of what terrorists have done. Our missionary personnel and fraternal churches in Europe are committed to continue compassionate ministry to the multitudes of refugees who are enduring so much suffering."

Convoy of Hope Europe (COHEU) has been sending teams to refugee camps, partnering with local churches and missionaries.

"Please continue to pray for the refugees and migrants, and for the COHEU teams and their continued ministry among them. We have made a long-term commitment to this project, and are continuing to identify ways we can be involved," says Assemblies of God missionary Michael McNamee, director of Convoy of Hope Europe.

Dr. George O. Wood, Chairman of the Assemblies of God World Fellowship says, "We recognize that this mass displacement provides a unique opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to show His compassion. God is sovereign and this movement of people has not caught Him by surprise. If we, and the entire Church, will open our arms and share our Faith in this strategic hour, we could witness the greatest ingathering ever into the Kingdom of God."

Article was originally printed in Vital Magazine