Going beyond our limits is one of the most significant challenges and temptations we face as leaders.  Why? It touches the core of our tendency to want to play God and run the world.
Adam and Eve’s original temptation of rebellion against God was all about limits. God gave them enormous freedom in the Garden of Eden. Then, without explanation, God sets a boundary before them. They were to bow humbly, to surrender, before his incomprehensible ways.
 Ask yourself:

  • Why don’t I take appropriate care of myself?
  • Why do I feel like am never “finished”?
  • Why don’t I spend enough time reflecting on my interior world?
  • Why do I always feel as if there is too little time and too much to do?
  • Why do I feel chronically restless?
  • Why do I have so little margin or flexibility?
  • Why don’t I invest the time I need in my marriage, my children, or a healthy singleness?

Limits actually grow larger as we grow older. Yet they often are a gift from the hand of God. They are the hands of a friend keeping us grounded so that we ­don’t hurt ourselves, others, or God’s work.
So why not take a little time to look for God in your limits today – whether that be your physical or emotional capacity, your children or season in life, your circumstances or limited talents, the people you serve or the Walls in front of you that you cannot move?  
 Listen and you will discover, as I do over and over again, that He is speaking.

-Content taken from Pete Scazzero - Emotionally Healthy Spirituality